SpringBuds Infant Newborn Pram Baby Stroller [Complete Review]

There are many umbrella Strollers which has more than a hundred positive ratings. Springbuds Stroller are one of these strollers which have maximum features and have many five star reviews by many users. Spring buds come with those features that force the parents to buy this Stroller.

Here’s the thing, This is lightweight stroller as well as it is easy for parents to take this Stroller to another place. In short, this Stroller is best for travel purposes. It is difficult to find out the Umbrella Stroller with canopy as this Stroller is reclining and it is the requirement of every parent that they need a recline Stroller.

SpringBuds Infant Newborn Pram Baby Stroller


Unique & Stylish: Every parent wants stylish stroller because they want to look cool and attractive similarly they want their kid to be smarter in beautiful Stroller.

Spring buds come with stylish Strollers as the design of this Stroller is unique. If you’re going to go to the market or Malls. You can take this Springbuds Stroller with you.  

Rubber Wheels: This Stroller comes with the durable rubber wheels which provide 360-degree moving directions. All the wheels are suspension feature system.

The baby will feel relax, and the ride will smooth with this Stroller. It gives super maneuverability. But wait…there’s more features of this Stroller.

Check it out:

Recline Seat: If you want to convert the seat from carrycot to toddler then it is easy to turn the position for the toddler or infant.

The place is more comfortable with the six-month-old baby. If you have a newborn baby, it is recommended that you must use the fully recline Stroller.

Not recommended For Newborn: On the other hand, you must note that it suggests that newborns should not sleep on the cushions or some soft stuff. You must use the flat surface for the newborn baby.

Adjustable Handlebars: Handlebars of the Strollers are flexible and easy to handle. The grip of the Springbuds Stroller is like an umbrella style, and for height baby, it is easy to adjust.

Still not convinced? Spring buds come with the multi-position to move the Stroller. Therefore, with the handles, it is easy to push the stroller in any direction.

Telescoping Handlebars: All the parents are not equal in height. This Stroller can adjust the handlebar using the telescoping feature.

Lockable Wheels: Read wheels of the Stroller are lockable. The wheels are the important one while choosing a stroller because it gives the smooth ride and the baby will not feel much jumps in the Strollers.

This Stroller has a wheel based mechanism. Therefore, it will not move automatically when you leave the Stroller at any time.

And it doesn’t stop there, To run the Stroller in any direction, it is important to push it with the handlebars. Although, this Stroller is giving the rear wheel lock system that allows the stroller in a static position when your hands are out of the Stroller.

Lightweight Stroller: The weight of the Stroller is only 27 pounds which is lightweight. You can quickly move the Stroller without making more efforts.

Stroller with canopy: This Stroller has a large canopy that will protect the baby from the rain and sun. All the material of the Stroller is washable. Want to know the best part? Here it is:

Accessories: This Stroller comes with many accessories for the Baby. First is tray to place the necessary food, basket to put the cloth and other stuff of the baby. Let’s jump right in the PROS and CONS.

  • With this Stroller, your baby will feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • You don’t need to unzip the seat while converting the Stroller into a bassinet.
  • There are many accessories with this Stroller include cushions, stroller toy for baby, mosquito net, and mat for summer sleeping.
  • It saves the baby from shocking areas because the wheels are made with high-quality rubber material.
  • Brown, Black, white, and Pink Color. It is available in different colors.
  • This Stroller is not for you if you are looking for the Stroller weight less than 27lbs.
  • Little costly as compared to other umbrella Strollers.

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