Maclaren Techno XT Stroller – Buying Guide

Maclaren is one the famous brand which is the most buying Stroller in the market. Parents prefer to buy strollers such as “Maclaren Techno” because of the high quality features and construction.

What’s the bottom line? This Company provides maximum facilities for the parents and baby that parents are forced to obtain the Stroller.

Why we love the Stroller much? Because you can use this one easily for travel as it is used as the lightest Stroller. It has all the premium features that any Umbrella Stroller should have.

Another reason for recommending this Stroller is due to many parents have given the five-star rating.

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Features


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Here are the premium features of this umbrella stroller. Don’t forget to read it’s pros and cons as well.

Take less Space:

The folding of the Stroller is compact. Unlike Double Umbrella Strollers, This Stroller takes less space in the plane after folding, and when you want to place in the car, you can quickly put it without taking much space.

Adjustable Seat:

The seat of the Stroller is adjustable and fully recline, and a newborn baby can use the Stroller without any hassle. Do you need a quality material Stroller? Then, we recommend this Stroller for a long time. The overall seat performance is high.


The Stroller is lightweight which is only 14.5 lbs. Still not convinced? The company claims that the Stroller is suitable for the infant or newborn baby. The baby weight up to 55lbs can easily use the Stroller without any damage.

UPF 50+:

Its canopy protects the baby from the sun radiations in a summer season. If the season is winter, It can stop the wind and save the baby.


Here’s the deal: If you want to replace any part of the Stroller. Like you want to change the canopy, seat then you can easily substitute any portion of it with your own.


It comes with many accessories like:

  • Head Hugger
  • Rain Cover
  • Shoulder Pads
  • ID Tag


This one has won the best stylish stroller award. It enhances the baby’s personality and helps in grooming. You can easily use this in public Shopping Malls.


Your baby will be safe in this Umbrella stroller as it has adjustable leg rest and has shoulder straps. And it doesn’t stop there, the seat is four-position recline. Its wheels are made up of rubber with six inches. The parking brake with the Wheel is used to stop the Stroller from moving when you want to stay it.

Medium Size Basket:

The basket of the Stroller is not large but medium size. You can place the necessary items like diapers or some cloth. If you want to put some extra pieces of the baby. Then sorry, we do not recommend this one for you.

One-Hand Folding:

It has a compact folding. The guidance to fold and open the Stroller is easy. If you need a Stroller with easy folding, then Maclaren is best recommended. When you carry a baby with a left hand, then you can easily fold it with another hand without reading much guidance.


This product has a lifetime warranty. When you purchase this , you will receive the lifetime warranty card. This is crazy that the quality of the prodcuts will keep remaining even you wash the Stroller’s seat. On the other hand, wheels, folding, recline feature performance will also consider in it.

  • For plane travel, you can use this one safely.
  • Pop out sun visor for a baby for extra protection.
  • Carry handle is also available.
  • It is best for the tallest child because it can get adjustable with all kind of heights.
  • Baby can use this for a long time.
  • For leg rest, this Stroller has extra space, and you can adjust it yourself.
  • For travel system, this one is highly recommended.
  • Maclaren Stroller has a lifetime warranty.
  • Lack of cup holder feature in Techno XT Stroller.
  • It’s price is high but has Pro features.

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