5 Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel

Umbrella Stroller for Travel are usually light in weight and help the parents to move the baby during traveling. Even, if you have permission, you can take the Stroller in a plane.

There are many Umbrella Strollers for travel, but it depends on your needs and requirement. You can choose the best Maclaren stroller with maximum features.

We are sharing Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel according to the user experiences and user’s five-star rating. These Strollers have amazing features.

If you are buying the Umbrella Stroller for your newborn baby, then make sure that you are purchasing the fully recline stroller. On the other hand, you have to take a look at seat quality while buying that either it is seat compatible or not.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel List

1: Besrey Airplane Stroller

Designed for traveling

Want to know the best part? This Stroller is specially designed for traveling purposes. This is not a fully recline Stroller, but all the features in this Stroller are compatible with the traveling goals.

If your baby age is six months to 36 months, then you can go for this airplane Stroller. What if You are lucky to have twins? Don’t worry at all. Click here to check the best double umbrella strollers of all time.

If you are traveling through the plane, then we highly recommend this Stroller because your baby age is enough to move with Stroller. On the other hand, don’t go your baby in a stroller if a baby is newborn.

Our Best Pick


  • You can easily fold this Stroller in a plane. This Stroller is one hand folding, and it will not take more space in an airplane. Therefore, you can easily make it in the aircraft.
  • This is crazy: The size of the Stroller is medium size after the folding.
  • There is also a safety lock on the Stroller’s frame that it will not pop up accidentally when you are folding it.
  • Through the backrest seat of the Stroller, your baby will feel more comfortable when sitting. If you are on a long journey, then your baby will not feel tired during the whole trip.
  • The safety system of the Stroller is 5 point harness.
  • The armrest of the Stroller is also removable, and it will make save your baby.
  • The front wheel of the Stroller is 360 degrees.
  • There is a built-in anti-shock system which is best for the areas where are more jumps. It will keep comfortable.


  • The ride will be more comfortable.
  • Recordable bars give a smooth ride.
  • A canopy of the Stroller protects from the sun radiation.
  • There is a peek-a-boo window in it.


  • A stroller is not recommended for the newborn baby.
  • The maximum bearable weight is just 15 kg.

2: Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight Stroller

The name itself says that this Stroller is lightweight and much suitable for traveling purposes as it does not take much effort to lift. Moreover, if you were looking for some extra smaller folding stroller. Pocket lightweight is the best choice here because after the folding the size of the Stroller becomes much more modest.

You might be wondering: In 2014, this stroller came in the world record for best folding Stroller. The weight of the Stroller is just 9.1 lbs; you can easily carry this with one hand. It is made of quality material.


  • This Stroller is ideal for the baby from 6 months to onward. This is not fully reclining Stroller as it is not suitable for the newborn.
  • This Stroller comes with the modern style that you can also take it to the Malls, Airports and Public Parks.
  • The padded safety belt is secure for the baby during traveling. Also, the pads of the Stroller are adjustable.
  • A frame of the Stroller is made with aluminum. Overall, the quality of the Stroller is high and best for the long term use.
  • A canopy of the Stroller is large enough that it can protect the baby from the sun’s heat. During the rainy season, this canopy can protect from rain as it is waterproof.
  • This Stroller is best for a day trip or extended travel.


  • The weight of the Stroller is only 9 lbs which are lightweight.
  • It does not require any battery and will run for a long time.
  • The wheels of the Stroller are suspension systems which gives a smooth ride.
  • Pads can also change according to the height of the baby.


  • This Stroller is not portable.
  • Lack of Dishwasher safer feature.

3: Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Easy to Carry

You might be wondering: why We love this Stroller? Because it’s a lot of functionality. First, it is compatible with the car seat. The flat position of the Stroller is recline and safe for the baby during the traveling. Moreover, it acts as both if you want to use it for travel then it will become a travel system stroller. Or, if you’re going to use a regular stroller for jogging purposes, then you can for this Stroller.


  • The front wheels of the Stroller are swivel and narrow width. Small size wheel is best for the narrow streets ride and jogging.
  • You don’t need to buy an additional adapter the seat of the Stroller is for infant ready. For a newborn, the carrycot is also available.
  • Here’s the kicker: The dimension of the Stroller is only 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded).
  • The Stroller is compact folding. Two-Step easy folding.
  • This Stroller is compatible with the airplane luggage. It doesn’t take much space in the luggage area.
  • Still not convinced? You will also get the shoulder strap and travel bag with this Stroller.
  • Sunhood is available which protects from the UV radiation. The Umbrella of the Stroller is waterproof and will not give you wet during the rain.
  • The weight of the Stroller is only 13 lbs, and it is free to go where you want.


  • The handle of the Stroller is comfortable to move the Stroller.
  • It gives a smooth ride as it can run in multi-directional.
  • The maximum recommendation of the Stroller is 44 lbs which are great for travel purposes.
  • It is available in different colors.


  • A stroller is not fully reclining.
  • Weight is a little high to carry.

4: Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller

Umbrella Stroller for travel

Look: If you think you use a lot of Stroller during traveling and you travel a lot, then we recommend buying the babyzen Stroller. It is the best choice to buy it now. There are many pros and cons to this. The main disadvantage we are telling here that the price is a little high.

Here’s the deal: This Stroller is expensive but if you want to invest one time then go for it. Moreover, the weight of the Stroller is light, and the size is comfortable even with the car and plane luggage area space. The babyzen YOYO Stroller is the top pick when someone talks about umbrella Stroller for travel. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at more features:


  • The weight of the Stroller is around 12.8 pounds. It has characteristics to bear the burden of the baby up to 40 lbs.
  • Folding of the Stroller is with one hand, and even you can easily fold it in a plane with a lock feature.
  • The baby with age 3+ years can use the Stroller. The frame of the Stroller is newly inflamed that allows the Stroller to carry baby weight up to 40 lbs.
  • Do you know? New suspension system wheels give the smooth ride and protection from the jumps on roads.
  • In the new model, the basket is 60% larger than the previous version and can carry the permanent baby collection.
  • A canopy of the Stroller is removable and extendable for shade from the sun’s heat.
  • A rain cover is also available with this Stroller and also adjustable with the infant car seat adapter.


  • A seat of the Stroller is washable.
  • four-wheel suspension system gives a smooth ride.
  • Extendable leg rest throughout the journey.
  • It is best for the long, and your baby will not feel much tire in it.


  • Buy a separate car seat adapter.
  • Lack of portable feature.

5: Jeep Scout Double Stroller

best umbrella stroller for travel

Usually, many parents don’t use a double Stroller during traveling. Because they don’t get the best Stroller with a maximum feature. Now: Your problem is solved. We represent you the best umbrella stroller for travel. Most parents use this Stroller as it contains all the elements that every parent needs in traveling.

What’s the best part? The recline feature of the Stroller is the multi-positioning feature. 5 point harness feature with the cushioned. The front wheel of the Stroller are swivel, and suspension system makes the ride smooth and easy.


  • The canopy of the Stroller is extendable with sun-visor.
  • There is a place of cup holders for the baby and as well as for the parent.
  • This is crazy: Medium size basket is available with YOYO Stroller for putting some baby items of your child include juices, diapers, and water bottles.
  • Front-wheel has a suspension system and gives a smooth ride. The design of the Stroller is unique, stylish and lightweight.
  • Here’s the kicker: This Stroller is fully reclining. If your baby is newly born, you can use this Stroller in the journey, but we recommended that you don’t place your newborn in a Stroller while traveling. But you can use the Stroller for newborns.
  • The dimension of the Stroller is 13″ X 11.2″ x 42.1.
  • Some parents find it difficult to use the Stroller in folding. This Stroller has a unique design that will help in moving your child’s stroller without reading the guide.


  • A stroller is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It does not take much space after folding.
  • The maximum weight bear of the Stroller is only 55 lbs.
  • 23 pounds of weight.
  • You can set your newborn baby in this Stroller without any difficulty.
  • This Stroller has waterproof canopy protect from the sun’s heat.
  • Seating capacity of the Stroller is two seats.


  • Not comfortable for big height kids
  • Little Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions


Still not convinced? No issues at all. We have discussed most often queries related to best umbrella strollers for travel which will help you to get better understandings. What’s the bottom line? We are here to help you and to assist you so that you can invest your money in best and long lasting stoller.

How do you travel with a stroller?

Look: we recommend to use the cargo space and take the Stroller. Otherwise, if your baby is newborn, then you should not take Stroller with you. Also, bring a stroller with minimum weight and folding the size of the stroller should matter less. Go for a small and lightweight Stroller. Now: You can use the stroller basket to place the necessary kid item like a diaper in it.

Which stroller can I take on the plane?

You might be wondering? Which Stroller is comfortable for Air travel. There are many lightweight strollers that you can easily take with you during traveling. There are two recommendations:

  1. The stroller should have light in weight.
  2. Folding of the Stroller should take less space.

The stroller should not exceed the limit of 25.5 cm. The length of the Stroller should not be more than 92 cm. You can check the Stroller dimensions from the guide book and make sure at the airport gate that your stroller has features enough to travel otherwise leave it.

Can you bring a stroller on a plane?

Yes, It is possible and depends on the Stroller feature. If your Stroller is reclining and take less space and dimensions of the Strollers are according to the airport guidance then you can take it. But here’s the kicker: It is not possible that every stroller is recommended for the travel. Make sure that when you take Stroller in a plane,  mark the Stroller with some marker and take some canvas bag to secure the Stroller in aircraft.

Do airlines charge for strollers?

Customer or parents who are traveling with the child are allowed to take one Stroller with the parent. Moreover, you can also make a child Restraint System without any charge. Besides, it is recommended to make a bag to protect the Stroller. Usually, airlines are not responsible for any damage to the Stroller.

How do you travel with an infant?

There are few points to note in mind while traveling with the infant. Look: you have to book your airplane seat. Take some entertainment toys and baby food with you. Make sure that you are taking the recline Stroller because you can go from boarding to gate with the Stroller. As well as, the Stroller should be compatible with the car seat.

Airlines usually take a medical form of the baby. It gives security to the airlines that your baby is good enough to travel.

Is it safe for a newborn to travel by plane?

Now: Some airlines recommend that your baby should take two weeks old to travel on a plane while some of the airlines recommend a 2-month-old baby. What’s the Bottom Line? If you want to go with a newborn baby, they need a medical form of the baby. Baby Immune system is not fragile; therefore they need it for baby’s security.

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