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Commercial umbrella insurance covers large, unexpected events that can have devastating impacts on your business, brand reputation and financial stability. While standard liability policies can help protect a company from a broad range of situations, there are certain times when losses may exceed what primary insurance can fully cover. From damaging multimillion-dollar lawsuits to auto accidents to product liability claims, protecting your organization means preparing and planning for the worst-case scenario. Travelers commercial umbrella and excess liability solutions can provide you with extra security and peace of mind that your business is properly protected in the event of a catastrophe. 

What are the benefits of commercial umbrella insurance?

A commercial umbrella liability policy supplements your existing policy’s general liability, auto liability and employer’s liability limits. The benefits of a Travelers commercial umbrella policy are increased limits in excess of standard primary policies, replacement of primary policies if limits are used up by covered losses and broader coverage than primary policies for certain losses.  

Our commercial umbrella and excess liability solutions include:

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Who is commercial umbrella coverage right for?

Travelers offers commercial umbrella and excess insurance coverage across all industries. Find a policy type that’s right for you. 

Commercial umbrella liability insurance cost

There are many varying factors that contribute to the cost of commercial umbrella liability insurance, including the size of your business, the amount of risk associated with your industry and the number of policies that you want covered. The amount of coverage that you purchase will also influence the cost. Commercial umbrella insurance typically increases coverage in $1 million increments. Therefore, a $1 million increase in coverage will cost less than a $4 million increase in coverage. A commercial umbrella policy can be less expensive than increasing the limits on your underlying policies. 

Commercial umbrella policy coverage

Commercial umbrella insurance is designed to provide extra liability coverage above and beyond the protection offered in your general liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance and commercial auto liability insurance policies. If your underlying coverage reaches its limits due to multiple claims or a large settlement during the policy period, your commercial umbrella policy coverage steps in to cover any additional, up to its own limits. Without commercial umbrella coverage, you would have to pay out of pocket when your underlying insurance policy limits are exhausted. Commercial umbrella insurance coverage is a smart way to reduce the risk of the damage that large legal judgments or multiple insurance claims could cause to your organization.  

Commercial umbrella coverage can provide:

  • An affordable second source of protection for your business beyond your primary insurance.

  • Higher limits of liability for automobile, general liability and employer's liability.

  • Coverage for exposure gaps by kicking in where your primary insurance ends.

  • Small, midsized and large organizations with limits up to $25 million with the ability to write unsupported (monoline) policies. 

You’ll be glad you have commercial umbrella if:

  • A customer is injured falling down slippery steps, causing injuries that require long-term care.

  • An employee in an organization's vehicle rushes through a traffic light, resulting in an accident that causes severe injury and property damage.

  • During the course of a workday, one of your employees causes an accident that severely injures a vendor. 


What is umbrella insurance?

Commercial umbrella and excess liability insurance FAQs

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